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Engineered Solutions


Our engineered solutions provide a comprehensive approach to your protective packaging needs. Our team of engineers systematically evaluates your packaging process and recommends solutions that address damage reduction, cube optimization, and fulfillment velocity while improving your customer experience.

Custom Engineered Solutions

As a globally recognized leader and innovator in protective packaging, we leverage optimization and innovation with highly experienced packaging professionals and best-in-class tools. We work to maximize your packaging performance while reducing waste to help you reach your sustainability goals. Our goal is to provide your brand with the most efficient, cost-effective, and practical solution to your packaging challenges. 


Available Services:

  • Packaging consultation with end-user focused design (includes material selection)
  • Distribution and shipping analysis for best protection method
  • Cube optimization to reduce package size and shipping costs
  • Engineered molds for prototypes and samples
  • Production and 3D printed mold tooling
pac lab engineered solutions

5-step infographic

Our 5-Step Design Process for Engineered Solutions


1. Evaluate the distribution environment. We work with you to understand your logistical hazards and ensure your products arrive safely at their destination.

2. Determine product fragility. We analyze the internal stresses caused by shock during shipment to define your product's robustness and offer the ideal packaging solution.

3. Material selection. All of your packaging solutions are carefully selected to provide the most product protection with the least amount of material possible.

4. Design and prototype. Using our state-of-the-art systems – 3D scanning, 3D visualization, and CAD/CAM – we will present a complete solution that perfectly protects your product and enhances the brand experience.

5. Testing and verification. To give you the best level of confidence in our proposed solution, we also offer a wide range of industry-recognized testing procedures. Learn more about this process by visiting our Performance Testing page.

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