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Improve Packaging Performance with Manufacturing Solutions from SEE

If your products are damaged during shipment, your customers can't get their jobs done, and their costs from repairs and downtime start to add up. That's why for more than 60 years, SEE has partnered with manufacturers to find the right protective packaging solutions that meet their needs for performance, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Manufacturers face daily pressure to reduce damage rates, streamline costs, boost sustainability, and improve pack times, while also managing labor shortages. Packaging can help across all these areas of a business and more.

With the industry’s widest protective packaging portfolio, our experts work with you to figure out the ideal solution for your business, your workforce, and your products. 

Common Manufacturing Packaging Challenges

Reduce Damage Rates and Protect Products 

Whether you ship heavy-duty parts or fragile components for assembly, we work with you to find the right packaging solution. Protective packaging that fits the application helps you reduce or eliminate product damage, lower the cost of return logistics, and decrease your overall cost per pack—and that helps your bottom line. 

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Improve Pack Times and Consistency, Even When Labor Is Tight

Ensuring consistent and efficient pack times—throughout labor shortages and peak production—can be a challenge in manufacturing environments. Well-designed packaging and packaging automation solutions from SEE can improve throughput and help you save resources at whatever scale you need. 

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Reduce Shipping and Packaging Material Costs

Every manufacturer’s situation is different when it comes to controlling or reducing the cost of shipping and packaging materials. Our team works with you to determine the best solution for your unique needs, whether that’s right sizing a pack to reduce dimensional (DIM) weight or finding a custom solution that reduces your overall material use.

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Improve the Sustainability Impact of Your Packaging

As a global leader in sustainability-focused packaging, we can help you select protective packaging solutions that fit with your goals. From navigating new regulations like plastics taxes to reducing material use and packaging waste, our team looks at all of your needs to build a solution that has a net positive sustainable impact. 

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Explore Packaging Solutions for Manufacturers

Looking for solutions that improve packaging performance, efficiency, and sustainability? Browse our top manufacturing solutions.

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