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Reduce Downtime With Shanklin® Shrink Wrap Machine Parts Replacement


Servicing your shrink wrap machines with OEM spare parts, upgrades, or enhancements

SEALED AIR® Brand Shanklin® Shrink Machines: A Tradition of Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our shrink wrap systems are recognized for durability, design excellence, and quality manufacturing. More than 22,000 Shanklin® shrink packaging machines are in operation worldwide. Today, with more than 50 models including shrink wrappersshrink tunnels, and shrink l-sealers, you'll find the perfect solution for any operation.

Solving Complex Fulfillment Challenges With  Customizable Configurations

Sealed Air has more than 60 years of experience in shrink wrap technology. As the original manufacturer of the Shanklin® platform, we do primary system customizations in house. This allows you to avoid “bolt-on” customizations that are not programmatically designed to work for your operation. Rest assured that the same people who designed your Shanklin® machine are doing the work of customization and have access to all the programming knowledge required to do it right the first time.


How to Order Shanklin® OEM Parts 

Sealed Air’s robust spare parts business ensures you are ready to meet the challenges of even the most stressful high-volume seasons. We give you the parts you need when you need them to reduce downtime and simplify your operation. Contact a Sealed Air representative to answer your spare parts questions, get a quote, or place an order. 

Email or call (866) 997-7273. For detailed information on OEM spare parts kits, click here.


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Need Shanklin® Training?  

Whether you’re a new Shanklin® customer or a distributor, we keep you ahead of the competition by offering training that’s tailored to your needs. Learn the basics of system and film operation, stay up to date on new innovations, or find out how to troubleshoot or diagnose your shrink machine.


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