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Paper-based Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce


Every year, as more buyers are looking for more sustainable packaging options, investment in circular packaging strategies create natural opportunities for e-commerce retailers to address and improve the sustainability impact across the supply chain.

That’s why Sealed Air is introducing our newest portfolio of paper-based e-commerce mailers and packaging solutions.

return read mailer filled with ecommerce items

Return-Ready Paper Mailer

Exclusive to North America and designed for round-trip shipping to improve the delivery and return experience using one paper mailer with a two-way closure strip. Responsibly sourced fiber and curbside recyclable.


paper bubble mailer

Paper Bagging System

The world’s first, paper-based system that automates the fulfillment process with automated opening, bagging, and printing, brings sustainability and efficiency to e-commerce brands and operations.


autobag brand 850sp paper bagging and printer system

Paper Bubble Mailer

Paper mailers padded with kraft cushioning material for a double layer of protection that lives up to BUBBLE WRAP® brand standards, with added benefit and convenience of being curbside recyclable.



Developing a fiber-based packaging portfolio for e-commerce shipping may sound easy – just change from plastic to paper, right? But it’s much more complicated than that. 

SEE protective packaging performance has been at the forefront of the industry since we introduced the world to our BUBBLE WRAP® brand more than 50 years ago. At SEE, product protection always comes first, so when we took to creating paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce, we knew our customers would expect the best.

curbside recycle bin


Whether it’s paper, plastic, or a combination of the two, at SEE, we take packaging recyclability claims seriously. Our definition of recyclable means a packaging material or solution must meet all three of the criteria below, before we will label a solution recyclable:

  1. Can be collected at a curbside or drop-off by at least 60% of the population
  2. Can be sorted by the material recovery facility (MRF) to which it is sent
  3. Can be recycled into a commercially viable product

As it pertains to our innovation portfolio for paper e-commerce mailers, our solutions have met these criteria, which is why we label them “widely” or “curbside” recyclable. While paper recycling rates remain high around the world, we nonetheless always suggest consumers check and follow local guidelines.


A critical element of the packaging lifecycle is to ensure the package successfully completes its primary function: product protection. Package or product damage that occurs at any point during transit could result in a return or replacement, at which point all the resources that went into the first product and its transportation are lost, and if replaced, can more than double the sustainability impact of the order.

Adding paper options to our portfolio of e-commerce mailers is a great way to improve your sustainability profile – but only if the performance of that packaging measures up. That’s why in addition to ensuring our solutions are tested against ISTA standards, we also offer packaging design and performance consultations through our network of Packaging Design Application Centers

Another way fiber-based mailers add to sustainability benefits is by reducing the package to product ratio when compared to a standard box. Research shows e-commerce consumers want a product to occupy at least 75% of a package. Mailers not only help by rightsizing, they’re also typically smaller and weigh less than corrugated boxes.


Discrete mailers, such as our traditional paper mailers, the return-ready mailer, and the paper bubble mailer are filled, sealed, and labeled manually. But in larger operations, where speed and efficiency are more critical, our AUTOBAG® brand automated bagging and printing systems have helped e-commerce and D2C retailers fulfill high volumes of orders quickly, including custom printing and labeling.

Automated bagging and printing systems were originally designed for rolls of poly film or poly-coated paper to ensure the material ran smoothly through the system. But now – with the driving force to bring sustainability and efficiency together – SEE introduces the new AUTOBAG® brand 850S that runs paper material specifically designed to be flexible, strong, and does not contain or is coated with PET.

That means for the first time – and only available from SEE - e-commerce and D2C retailers have the opportunity to use 100% circular packaging: made with recycled and renewable raw materials, curbside recyclable, and designed for use in an automated bagging, sealing, and printing system.


Use of recycled and renewable raw materials such as the wood fiber in paper, is a critical component of the circular economic model. Renewable resources can be naturally replaced in a finite amount of time on a human scale.

We believe it is critical that in addition to bringing renewable raw materials into the mix, that we support the replacement of trees used for paper production. Fiber source certification such as those we follow from the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) promote sustainable forest management and ensure fiber sources are replenished in a responsible way.


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