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Global Packaging Design Network

Sealed Air’s global network of Packaging Design Application Centers offer unparalleled expertise in solving your packaging challenges. Our capabilities are extensive, utilizing a comprehensive approach to understanding your business, systematically evaluating your packaging process, and recommending custom packaging solutions that address damage reduction, cube optimization and fulfillment velocity, while improving overall customer brand experience.

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Our Experts Design Perfect Protection

As an invaluable partner to our customers, we create value by reducing damage, optimizing cube, increasing productivity, and enhancing customer experiences. We deliver this through our global network of packaging experts using a four-step packaging design process.

  • Understand the shipping and distribution environment 
  • Define the fragility of the product
  • Select the appropriate packaging material
  • Design the prototype package
  • Verify the package through industry standard testing

ISTA-Certified Facilities

Our testing facilities are fully equipped to perform a wide range of industry standard tests using simulated and real world conditions. By selecting the appropriate ISTA pre-shipment test procedure, shippers can be confident in the safe arrival of their packaged products wherever their destination may be. We achieve this through the utilization of tests simulating the shock, vibration, and stress normally encountered during shipping and handling.

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Amazon Packaging Tests, Designs, and Materials

Sealed Air is a participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) Network. Amazon created the APASS Network to provide vendors, sellers, and manufacturers with a list of companies and labs that can test to Amazon’s packaging certification program. As a participant of the APASS Network, Sealed Air is approved to test, design, and supply packaging materials that meet the requirements for Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging, Ships-in-Own-Container, and Prep-Free Packaging initiatives.

Testing locations: Sealed Air conducts Amazon tests at four of its 20 Packaging Design Application Centers. With capabilities in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, Sealed Air is one of the few global, end-to-end APASS providers. Each of Sealed Air’s Packaging Design Centers is equipped to perform a range of industry-standard tests using simulated and real-world conditions such as shock, vibration, and compression.


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