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Seafood Packaging


Differentiating From the Sea of Competition



Elevate Your Brand

Sealed Air makes it easy for seafood processors and retailers to differentiate by combining extensive knowledge of consumer and market insights with innovative solutions. Value-added features like reduced plastic gauge, mono PET, or plant-based materials can help drive consumer loyalty. Adapting to formats such as case-ready packaging can also help set your brand apart.


Catch Shoppers’ Attention with Case-Ready Seafood Packaging

In recent years, more shoppers have reached for pre-packaged fish options in the self-serve case and frozen food aisles instead of ordering through the full-service counter.

This shift creates new packaging preferences for fresh and frozen seafood, and we conducted a survey to better understand what’s behind the changes.

Our report dives into what drives fresh and frozen seafood purchases, how packaging influences perceptions, and the importance of sustainable seafood packaging. 


seafood study report

Stand Out With Printable Packaging

Packaging can influence a consumer's decision whether or not to purchase a product. In order to set themselves apart, brands must have an eye-catching design that drives consumer loyalty and articulates necessary information in a clean, concise way.

- 64% of consumers claim to have purchased something new because the package caught their attention.

Now more than ever, your ability to attract a shopper’s attention in a retail case is essential to your success. Don't miss a chance to differentiate your brand from the competition.

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