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Vacuum Chamber Systems

Our vacuum chamber systems provide semi-automatic to automatic, consistent vacuumizing.

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01 Overview


CRYOVAC® brand chamber vacuum systems provide semi-automatic to automatic, consistent vacuumizing.

With more than 40 years of innovation, CRYOVAC® brand vacuum chamber systems offer a range of semi- and fully touchless automated rotary and single-chamber systems that deliver optimum efficiency and performance for production lines. CRYOVAC® brand system layouts and features can be completely tailored to the production unique requirements.

  • Efficient and consistent vacuum packgin with continuous flow
  • Systems run with CRYOVAC® brand vacuum shrink bags and materials to provide superior oxygen barrier and aggressive sealant technology
  • Robust, high quality build using food-approved materials throughout
  • Hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective

  • Semi- and fully automated system options available
  • Minimal or no operators required
  • System specifications dependent on configuration

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