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Instapak® Foam Molding

SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® foam molding systems and equipment produce custom-formed cushions for products that require the consistent, precise fit of engineered protection. 


Our standalone iMold foam molding system uses a patented foam dispersion technology that guarantees cushion consistency and strategically dispenses foam into bags. A built-in air ejection system removes finished cushions from the mold cavity, freeing up labor to pack and ship instead of monitoring cushion production. 

Instapak® foam molding equipment includes Instamolder, Twin Vertical System, Molding Wheel, and mold tables. These can be paired with Instapak® handheld equipment and Instapak® foam-in-bag systems to create a process that’s ideal for your business.

For products that require precise cushioning, our Packaging Application Center experts can design and develop custom mold solutions with an integrated workstation. There is an Instapak® foam molding solution to suit every operation, regardless of volume, throughput, or configuration.  

Features and Benefits

  • Uses Instapak® foam technology, an economic solution that doesn't compromise on product protection
  • Accelerates packing efficiency with pre-made cushions that precisely fit products
  • Saves floor space with a variety of compact models and speeds to fit different operations
  • Simplifies operation with minimal setup 
Instapak foam in cardboard box

Instapak® Foam Return Program

Did you know Instapak® foam cushions can be returned to multiple locations worldwide? Our foam return program helps divert these cushions from landfills.


  • System and accessory specifications vary by model
  • Custom-engineered molds designed specifically for your products


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