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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

SHANGHAI, CHINA -- SEE (NYSE: SEE) today announced a three-year collaboration with the College of Communication and Art Design at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology (USST) on innovation and talent development. The partnership will aim to groom future packaging professionals among USST students and promote the development of the innovation economy.

At SEE, relentless innovation is fundamental to its business as it develops the next generation of sustainable packaging solutions to address some of society’s most pressing challenges, including food safety and security, eliminating waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through this collaboration, both parties will be able to share and exchange industry trends and insights through joint projects and practical learning and experience.

For SEE, it means tapping the bright minds of USST students and staff as a source of inspiration and ideas for innovative solutions while staying connected to new and early-stage research at the university. For USST, students will gain access to the expertise and knowledge shared by SEE through projects and practical experience at internships. The collaboration also opens the opportunity for joint product and technology development for the advancement of industries and enterprises.

The industry-university collaboration comprises several key components.

Packaging Design Competition

To foster creative thinking and encourage the development of innovative solutions, packaging design competitions will be held among USST students based on topics provided by SEE. The competition will provide students with a training ground to think out of the box and apply their skills to create innovative designs to meet emerging and future industry needs. Students will be able to engage SEE’s experts in their journey of ideation, project design and business planning.


To provide practical training and first-hand experience in protective packaging development and business planning, SEE will be offering internships to USST students.

Market Insight Seminars

Through joint seminars to be held regularly, SEE and USST will share and exchange new and emerging market insights, technological research and development to promote innovation and new concepts.

Joint Research and Development

Where there are opportunities, SEE and USST will provide the knowledge and resources needed to support joint market research and development efforts not only for actual projects but also to enrich the development of all personnel involved.

“We would like to thank Sealed Air for your support to USST. Your sponsorship and mentoring will greatly enhance the quality of training of packaging professionals at our school. After 18 years of development, the Packaging Engineering major at the university has become an important training base for packaging talent in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, delivering more than 500 outstanding graduates to the industry. We are very grateful to Sealed Air for the corporate support that will help to groom young and uprising talent and spur continuous innovation to meet industry and societal needs,” said Professor Cai Jinda, Dean of College of Communication and Art Design of USST.

“Our company’s purpose is to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges and to make the world better than we found it. Now more than ever, collaboration with the right partners is needed to find the best solutions to address the challenges of the industry and the communities in which we live in. In partnering with USST, we will further promote the cultivation of talent and accelerate innovation for the benefit of society,” said Alex Zhou, Vice President of Supply Chain, Sealed Air Asia Pacific.

About SEE

Sealed Air (NYSE: SEE) is in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to make our world better than we found it. Our automated packaging solutions systems create a safer, more resilient and less wasteful global food supply chain, enable e-commerce, and protect goods transported worldwide.

Our globally recognized brands include CRYOVAC® brand food packaging, SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging, AUTOBAG® brand automated systems, BUBBLE WRAP® brand packaging, and SEE Touchless Automation solutions.

SEE’s Operating Model, along with our industry-leading expertise in materials, engineering and technology, create value through more sustainable, automated, and digitally connected packaging solutions.

We are leading the packaging industry to create a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future and have pledged to design or advance 100% of our packaging materials to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, and a bolder goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions in our global operations by 2040. Our Global Impact Report highlights how we are shaping the future of the packaging industry. We are also committed to a diverse workforce and inclusive culture through our 2025 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pledge.

SEE generated $4.9 billion in sales in 2020 and has approximately 16,500 employees who serve customers in 117 countries/territories. To learn more, visit

About the College of Communication and Art Design at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology

The College of Communication and Art Design (CCAD) at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary college focusing on engineering, liberal arts and art. After years of development, CCAD has become a base for cultivating publishing and printing talents for the State Administration of Press and Publication and an education base for cultivating excellent press communication talents for Shanghai. Currently, CCAD has ten undergraduate programs including communication, editing and publishing, advertising, new media technology, packaging engineering, environmental design, and visual communication design. ‘Digital publishing and communication’ is a key discipline under construction of the State Administration of Press and Publication. ‘Packaging engineering specialty’ and ‘visual communication design’ are part of the Shanghai undergraduate pilot specialty project.

CCAD has a team of teachers with strong teaching, scientific research and technological development capabilities. There are more than 160 faculty staff and more than 3,000 students. CCAD has committed to talent development for industry, by establishing internship bases and R&D bases with more than 50 leading companies, publishing and printing group. Sealed Air is one of the collaborative partners for R&D innovation, college student training and packaging design.

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