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Foam Moulding Systems

SEALED AIR® brand foam moulding systems produce custom shaped Instapak® cushions.


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01 Overview


Our foam moulding systems produce custom-shaped Instapak® cushions on demand.

SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® foam moulding systems produce custom-shaped cushions for products that require the consistent, precise fit of engineered protection. There is an Instapak® foam moulding solution to suit every operation, regardless of volume, throughput or configuration.

Available Instapak® foam moulding models include the iMold, Instamolder, Twin Vertical System, and Molding Wheel. For applications that require a precise fit with uncommon shapes or dimensions, our experts can design and develop custom mould solutions with an integral workstation at one of our Packaging Application Centres.

  • Foam moulding equipment uses Instapak® foam technology, an economic solution that does not compromise on product protection
  • Various models and speeds fit all unique needs
  • Easy-to-use displays with minimal setup
  • Patented foam dispersion technology guarantees cushion consistency and strategically dispenses foam tubes or in bags
  • Built-in air ejection system removes finished cushions from the mould cavity, freeing up labour to pack and ship instead of monitoring cushion production

  • Packaging material is stored in two 55-gallon drums
  • System specifications vary by model

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