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Instapak® Simple System

This foam-in-bag packaging equipment delivers foam-filled bags for low-volume operations.

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01 Overview


This foam-in-bag packaging equipment delivers on-demand foam packaging for low-volume operations.

SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® Simple is a lightweight, easy to install foam-in-bag packaging system. It requires minimal maintenance and is an ideal solution for operations producing less than 20 packs a day. This system delivers foam-filled bags on demand without the need for manual mixing or individual bag loading and can be easily moved to any packing location.


  • Powered by a standard electrical socket
  • Pre-set push-button operation
  • Designed to require minimal service
  • Packaging that just works, right out of the box
  • Compact, mobile platform

  • Small, 9.5 L material bottles snap into place

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