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Let's Be Clear About Single-Use Plastics

because CRYOVAC® Brand Packaging is essential to our food supply

The Difference is Functional Value

As global concerns continue to grow regarding the environmental impact of plastic litter, the EU Parliament has  proposed regulatory measures to reduce consumption of single-use plastics (SUP). As a number of countries outside the EU consider similar measures, at present, no single, global definition of single-use plastics exists — nor is it likely to. Consequently, we understand the confusion taking place around what is, and is not, SUP, especially when it pertains to primary plastic food packaging. In the current regulatory environment: 

CRYOVAC® brand food packaging is not considered single-use plastic because it protects and preserves food quality and safety across a complex global supply chain.

To date, most regulations publicly introduced have not yet been ratified to the extent that regional, local or municipal compliance can be expected to start before mid-to-late 2021. Current proposals have focused on specific items such as grocery bags, cutlery, beverage straws and stir sticks, expanded polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastic, but it is not yet clear exactly how the adoption or implementation of these bans will work.

Watch the video below to learn more about the differences between single-use plastics and CRYOVAC® brand essential food packaging.


Essential Food Packaging Reduces Food Waste

There are numerous factors to think about in the evaluation of food packaging materials including the impact on operations, cost, logistics, product quality and food safety. When considering global impact, however, plastic food packaging plays a critical role in environmental protection you may not have considered the reduction of food waste.

According to materials published by the World Wildlife Fund, one-third of the world’s food — 1.3 billion tons — is lost or wasted at a cost of $750 billion annually. When we throw away food, we waste the wealth of resources and labor that was used to get it to our plates. Efforts that help prevent food from going to the landfill have been determined to have the greatest, positive impact on the environment — so the protection of food or extension of shelf life made possible from CRYOVAC® brand food packaging becomes essential to a more sustainable global food chain.


Our Responsibility as a Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

At Sealed Air, we are proud that our CRYOVAC® brand packaging is an industry leader in food preservation and protection, and we understand the importance of plastic in making that happen. While we will always prioritize the functional benefits of our packaging solutions, we consider it our duty to do what we can to lessen the environmental impact of the materials and processes needed to make our packaging perform.  

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