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The Currency
Of Action

Read on to discover how SEE is making an impact
with our solutions and corporate initiatives.

Together, our actions pay dividends for your business and our planet. How can we help you and your customers reduce your environmental footprint across the value chain?

SEE Net Positive Ecosystem

Our solutions play a vital role in driving downstream benefits, resulting in positive impacts that greatly exceed the investment. We design, develop and deploy integrated solutions that have a positive impact on our customers, their customers and our society.

sustainability pledge


Sustainability and Materials Pledge

By 2025 we commit to design or advance 100% of packaging solutions to be recyclable or reusable, eliminate waste by incorporating an average of 50% recycled or renewable content into solutions, and collaborate on advanced recycling technology and infrastructure. 

sustainable solutions


Sustainable Solutions

  • Reduce waste levels
  • Lower greenhouse gas
  • Prevent product damage
  • Decrease transport impact
societal benefits


Societal Benefits

  • Prevent food waste
  • Ensure product safety
  • Ensure flawless quality
  • Enable recovery or reuse
customer benefits


Customer Benefits

  • Minimal material use
  • Enhanced brand appeal
  • Excellent product protection
  • Efficient processes and transport

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here are a few examples of how we're working with our partners to go further, together.
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Investing in advanced recycling technologies to recycle our materials and drive the circular economy.

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Investing in renewable energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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Incorporating recycled or renewable content across our portfolio of solutions.

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Optimizing energy and resources by refurbishing used equipment to extend reusability and avoid resource waste.

Sustainable Solutions Packed With Purpose and Performance

Food Solutions

Click below to explore our sustainable food packaging portfolio. These solutions help ensure freshness and safety with less waste and spoilage.



Protective Solutions

Click below to explore our sustainable protective packaging portfolio. These solutions help prevent damage to products during transport or storage and allow for recovery of materials after use.


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