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Wine Packaging Solutions


We've Raised the Bar on Traditional Bag-in-Box

A Packaging Solution That Protects the Quality of the Product It Holds

You work hard to perfect your product. And your wine deserves a packaging system that keeps it at its finest, from pouch to pour. With over 35 years of innovation and development experience in flexible liquid packaging materials and equipment, the CRYOVAC®  brand delivers a total packaging solution that stands out from a traditional bag-in-box format. Our CRYOVAC®  brand vertical form-fill-seal bag-in-box solution protects your carefully crafted products, keeping air out and freshness in. So your customers can enjoy better wine, longer. ​

CRYOVAC brand bag in box wine packaging
CRYOVAC brand boxed wine pouring wine into glass

Tap Into the Benefits of a Better Bag-in-Box

Liquid product is protected until poured for extended shelf-life and freshness

  • Hermetically sealed package with an external fitment delays the time of puncture until consumer consumption.
  • Fitment enables the end user to effortlessly open and close as needed, allowing for easy dispensing of product.
  • Minimal to no headspace packages are available in a wide range of barrier proprieties to help protect and extend product life.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%.

Bag-in-Box is Not a New Concept – Advancing the Craft Is

Our cutting-edge technology improves your operations and protects the product you perfect. 

  • Improves throughput 2X faster than incumbent bag-in-box filling equipment.
  • Touchless automation improves efficiencies with and for partners.
  • Equipment can produce final packages from 1.5–4L
  • Efficient film roll and product changeover saves ample time for operators.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface integrates with other services.
CRYOVAC brand boxed wine packaging on counter with wine glasses
woman drinking wine outside with CRYOVAC brand boxed wine dispenser and bags

Untap the Potential of Smart Packaging


Build brand awareness and engagement at the point of purchase.

  • Rethink the possibilities of packaging with digital printingt technology and full-service design.
  • Create a striking presentation with an expanded printable footprint to increase on-pack engagement and brand awareness.
  • Printing options provide flexibility to feature recommended pairings or seasonal and small batch product offerings.
  • Build brand loyalty and trust through custom package design coupled with enhanced fresheness and taste.
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