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Solving poultry industry challenges through equipment and material innovations, digital packaging applications, and industry-leading technical services.



Deliver Efficiency, Precision, and Productivity in Poultry Packaging Operations

Our broad range of automated equipment features scalable designs that integrate seamlessly with additional CRYOVAC® brand machinery and materials. From case-ready applications to whole bird, our full-line equipment is engineered to adapt and accommodate various material specifications. This flexibility reduces the need for manual adjustments and retooling, saving time, reducing errors, and maximizing your return on investment.


Minimize Your Environmental Impact and Promote a Circular Economy

Our equipment and material solutions are designed to work in ways that optimize energy consumption, minimize waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency. By incorporating recycled materials into our packaging solutions, we reduce the demand for virgin resources and minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with production processes.


Redefine Sustainability and Waste Reduction with Renewable Materials

Our materials offer a pathway to a more sustainable future, supporting your brand's commitment to environmental consciousness without compromising product integrity. By embracing alternative materials such as plant-based fibers or bioplastics, we enable you to make a significant impact on plastic waste reduction, addressing environmental concerns and meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.


Differentiate Your Product by Enhancing the Consumer Experience

For brands looking to enhance product presence and consumer engagement at the meat case, our digital packaging, printing, and graphic design solutions help your products stand out. Adding interactive on-pack elements helps to create a distinct brand identity and differentiate your products from other commodities.

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