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Touchless Automation


Equipment & Process Optimization Through Automation

Across the meat, poultry, and dairy processing industries, workforce turnover rates and rising labor costs are making the management of day-to-day operations almost impossible to predict. Lack of available labor coupled with line inefficiencies and low utilization of equipment means that on any given day, a variety of functions around your plant could be under-performing, or worse yet, left undone, and costing you more than just throughput.  

Leveraging automated equipment is your means to create operational and workforce efficiencies that remove process variation and yield consistent results every time. That's why today, automation is no longer just about enhancing your operation, automation is your means to protect it. Less quality rejects, less equipment damage, and less manual labor equals more predictability.  

Combining Equipment, Material, and Service-Driven Solutions

Touchless Automated Equipment

From loading equipment, vacuum systems, and package treatment to product intelligence and handling, we deliver a fully automated packaging hall. Machine compatibility and flexibility allow workforce and production efficiencies with solutions that work hard...but aren’t hard to work.   

High Performance Packaging Materials 

We’ve set the industry standard for packaging all types of fresh proteins. Together, equipment and materials deliver superior shrink and toughness to ensure great optics and product showcasing while holding up to the rigors of the food supply chain. 

Access to Real-Time Data

Connected, smart equipment puts data to work, helping you minimize waste and deliver productivity savings. By use of our SEE Smart Link technology, you can leverage data that helps inform and drive optimization to help reduce downtime and improve yield rates. 

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