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SEE Precision Yield Optimization

SEE Precision Yield Optimization

Available in North America, SEE Precision Yield Optimization is a proprietary digital solution that pairs with a Mettler Toledo inline scale to better control package weights in response to process variation.

This innovative solution enables you to tighten performance around your target set weight, helping to reduce the amount of product given away and allowing you to be paid for more of what you actually produce. It also enables key parameters to be easily adjusted to compensate for process variations such as film, product, heat, and viscosity.

Equipped with a specialized dashboard, SEE Precision Yield Optimization enables you to better understand the operational performance of your equipment to create significant cost savings over time.

  • System intelligence optimizes performance, ensuring
    the highest levels of productivity
  • Delivers a more accurate fill weight resulting in less product giveaway, reducing rework, optimizing labor and delivering savings
  • Offers up to 1 ounce of savings per package
  • System key parameters can be easily adjusted to compensate for process variations
  • Prevents lost product and revenue by delivering a more accurate fill weight
  • Delivers consistent performance helping maintain end user expectations regarding accurate fill weights, driving brand loyalty and sales
  • Equipped with a specialized dashboard, SEE™ Precision Yield Optimization helps you turn raw data into meaningful and digestible information, resulting in improved visibility to the performance of your operations.

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