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Custom Bagging Machine Applications

The Machinery Applications Department at AUTOBAG® brand ensures the best possible bagging system configuration for your unique packaging application.

Our Applications Specialists are factory-trained and have combined experience of more than 75 years in specifying bagging machines and materials. They specialize in testing and recommending hundreds of application-specific AUTOBAG® brand and SidePouch® bagging systems to best suit the production needs of our customers.   

Our 10,000 square foot demo room is packed with advanced bagging machines, infeeds and conveyors. We work closely with our customers to determine their unique requirements, and test run customer-provided samples on our equipment. Then we recommend the best overall packaging solution available including a custom combination of bagging machines, bag materials, and bag sizes.

We offer live testing demonstrations at our facility, or we can provide you with a video demo. Typically, our Applications Specialists can make a recommendation in less than two days for standard configurations, or in less than two weeks for custom-engineered equipment.

The Machinery Applications Department also hosts In-Plant Approvals (IPAs) by request.

Please call us at 1-330-342-2000 or submit your request in the form below for an applications demo.

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