sealed air bubble wrap brand universal inflation system

Introducing the BUBBLE WRAP® Brand
Universal Inflation System

Disruptive Technology That Won't Disrupt Your Operation


One Inflator for All Your Packaging Needs

Disruptive technology shouldn’t derail your business. From the packaging experts you know and trust at Sealed Air, comes the latest innovation in inflatable packaging equipment that will immediately optimize your operation.

The BUBBLE WRAP® brand universal inflation system combines the power of multiple inflators into a single solution that will:

  • Optimize labor
  • Reduce packing errors
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Meet growing and changing business needs, and more
BWI Material

One Inflator, Over 80 Types of Packaging Materials

This universal inflation system runs over 80 types of BUBBLE WRAP® brand on-demand inflatable packaging materials for void fill, cushioning, or wrapping applications. With only one piece of equipment, you can effortlessly switch from bubble cushioning to air pillows or pouches based on your needs.

One Inflator, One Error-Free System

Smart technology automatically detects and configures the machine to the right seal temperature, airflow, and pressure based on the material loaded — no programming or training required. Automatic system configuration alleviates the need for operator interaction and reduces the risk of operator error, which helps with quality control and mitigates consumer complaints.

BWI Error-Free Technology
BWI 70x Faster Than the Competition

One Inflator, Speeds Up to 80 Feet Per Minute

This system inflates packaging materials at speeds up to 80 linear feet per minute to increase throughput. Faster inflation of packaging materials makes your packers more efficient, fulfillment lines more productive, and gets more packs out the door on time.

One Inflator, Three Different Mounting Options

A variety of system mounting options help save space and create a more efficient pack station — tabletop, floor stand with winder, and wall mount options are available. It’s also 53% lighter and up to 20% quieter than other competitor systems.

BWI Mounting Options
BWI Customizable Accessories

One Inflator, Four Customizable Accessories

Compact enough to ship from a store but powerful enough for large e-commerce fulfillment, this system is ideal for a range of markets and packing environments. Available accessories allow you to customize this inflator to your unique operation and adapt as your business grows.

One Inflator, One Simple User Interface

The simple user interface gives operators the confidence to use the system with little to no training required. Preventive maintenance alerts will also notify you when it’s time to service your machine.

BWI Interface
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Universal Inflation System

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