Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services

Optimizing the Fulfillment Process

Our Four-Phased Approach

Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services offers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to creating a fulfillment process that is customized to your space, products, people, and business. The team of Lean Six-Sigma Black Belts executes assessment, design, implementation, and ongoing improvement phases to ensure a future state tailored to your changing needs.

Our team of fulfillment experts leverages real-time technology, predictive analytics, and on-the-ground fulfillment experience to create maximum efficiency and enable growth for e-commerce companies in health and beauty products, consumer packaged goods, apparel, electronics, and other industries.

Our work has produced


  • 300%
    increase in fulfillment productivity at a sportswear brand
  • 3X
    the number of TVs packed per hour
  • 140%
    increase in production for a luxury retailer
  • 50%
    reduction in labor for an apparel retailer

Get the right packs for your products.