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Instapak® Customizable Thermal PUR

SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® customizable thermal PUR packaging is a superior, on-demand insulative solution for both unibody and knockdown coolers.


Designed for just-in-time (JIT) delivery, our innovative PUR pre-molding equipment and cold chain foam formulations provide optimal protection for a wide range of last-mile temperature needs. These customizable solutions help address each customer's unique temperature requirements. 

Experience the difference with our cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions for your temperature assurance packaging needs. 

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal protection for up to 72 hours 
  • Wide array of foam formulations available 
  • Meets ISTA certification standards 
  • Ideal for high-throughput operations  
  • Customized solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each business 
  • Reduces need for expensive expedited delivery methods 
  • Cushioning properties prevent damage from movement during transit 
  • Compatible with gel packs 
employee using SEALED AIR brand PUR foam for ChillPak covid-19 vaccine shipper

Solving COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment Challenges With Chill-Pak™

Customer Case Study

Learn how we helped Chill-Pak meet ultra-low vaccine temperature requirements with custom PUR packaging.

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