Paper Cushioning System

Paper cushioning system produces custom-length paper pads.

01 Overview


ProPad is a paper cushioning system that produces custom-length paper pads.

The ProPad™ paper cushioning system dispenses in manual, auto-repeat, and sequence modes to help meet your productivity goals. Increase fulfillment velocity with custom-length paper that is produced at up to 150 pads per minute, making it the fastest paper cushioning system on the market. It can be used for cushioning, wrapping, and blocking and bracing applications.


  • Custom-length pads produced at up to 150 pads per minute
  • Converts paper in batching, auto-repeat, and programmable sequence modes
  • Bottom-loading design for fast material changeovers
  • Versatile system height and swivel options can be tailored to any packing operation

  • 34 in x 29 in x 59 in (86 cm x 73 cm x 150 cm)

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