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BUBBLE WRAP® Brand Paper Bubble Mailer

Our paper bubble mailers converge the sustainability of recyclable paper with the protection of BUBBLE WRAP® brand cushioning.


These paper mailers are the newest innovation in our discrete mailer portfolio, with inner padding constructed of a kraft paper material that mimics BUBBLE WRAP® brand cushioning. Protect products during shipment with a double layer of protection and delight consumers with curbside recyclable packaging materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Inner padded construction eliminates the need for added void fill and cushioning, minimizing material costs
  • Equipped with an adhesive self-seal, offering secure closure
  • Curbside recyclable and made with up to 35% recycled content
  • Stores flat, reducing storage and warehouse space requirements
  • Small and lightweight design reduces shipping costs
  • Designed with surface protection for added water resistance


  • Available in the following five sizes: #0, #2, #4, #5 & #7


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