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BUBBLE WRAP® Brand Jiffy® Utility Mailer

Jiffy® Utility Mailer offers unparalleled toughness and protection.


Engineered to resist bending, creasing, and folding, these paper mailers ensure your goods arrive intact. Ideal for durable items, they feature a stiff construction that facilitates quick packing, streamlining your operations. Available with various closure options, they reduce freight costs and warehouse space while simplifying logistics.

a pink and orange striped folder and a magazine, each packaged in a Jiffy utility mailer

Features and Benefits

  • Tough paper construction resists bending, creasing, and folding.
  • Superior edge and corner protection for your goods.
  • Speeds up packing operations with easy insertion of soft items.
  • Reduces freight costs and minimizes warehouse storage space.
  • Reduces freight costs, minimizes warehouse storage space, and simplifies inventory logistics
  • Double-fold and double-glued bottom flap construction provides increased protection
  • Contains self-seal closure with a tear strip
  • Natural brown kraft is 100% recyclable


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