High-Volume SidePouch Systems

High-productivity solutions for hand loading through fully automatic packaging applications for industrial, medical, and fulfillment operations.

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01 Overview


Customize our automated bag and pouch systems to fit your fulfillment needs.

AUTOBAG® brand bag and pouch systems are automated to help increase productivity and reduce costs for various packaging applications. The systems are flexible, offer many options designed to reduce dependency on labor, and provide a lower total package cost. System-matched SidePouch bags offer a variety of features, such as reclosable zippers, resealable bags, reinforced headers, and easy-open perforations.

  • Fully customizable systems feature a small footprint that integrates into any existing bagging operation
  • Bags are presented pre-opened, ready to be filled with multiple operators or automatically with an infeed device
  • Separation of the loading and sealing operations allows for high speed bag packing

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