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Packaging Solutions for Tires

Enhance Operations with Conveyable Tire Packaging


The SEE® Automated Tire Pack Solution gives tire manufacturers and distributors a new way to save costs and improve their operations—with a tire package that eliminates special handling for your logistics provider because it travels on their conveyor like a parcel.

The first-of-its-kind solution creates a package that helps avoid additional handling charges when shipping automotive tires through parcel networks, while also reducing labor, improving throughput, and enhancing operational safety. It is the only tire package approved by UPS for use on its automated sortation lines. 

The package uses durable tire wrap film, a bottom tray, and banding to create a conveyable pack. Digitally enabled RFID automates the creation, printing, and application of shipping label information for quick identification during transit. The SEE® Automated Tire Pack Solution is scalable, with fully and semi-automated equipment options to improve efficiency and throughput, creating a tire package that travels seamlessly and safely among other parcels in the sortation system.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduces carrier imposed additional handling charges when shipping tires
  • Reduces labor requirements up to 60% compared to manual methods
  • Increases fulfillment velocity up to 6x by accommodating multiple tire sizes in one standard conveyable configuration 
  • Saves warehouse space compared to manual or plastic wrapping processes
  • Increases operational safety by reducing manual handling that can lead to workplace injury
  • Approved by UPS as the only tire package compatible with their automated parcel sortation lines


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Tire Size:

30" diameter X 10" tread width


Up to 6 tires per minute

Volume Guidelines:

Fully Automated: From 500 to 2,500 tires per shift

Semi-Automated: From 1 tire up to 500 tires per shift

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