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Primary parenteral films are suitable for general intravenous, pharmaceutical, and dialysis applications.



Our parenteral films are ideal for large volume parenterals and multi-chamber bags.


Not all plastics are equal when it comes to meeting the demands of the medical industry. Our flexible parenteral films are FDA-approved solutions that provide consistent performance and reliable seals for large-volume parenterals and multi-chamber bags. 

Reliable, consistent performance is a key element in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our parenteral films have a wide sealing window to allow for equipment and climatic variation. Rejection rate for pre- and post-sterilization bags made from our M312 film are consistently less than 1% under correct production conditions. The M315 film has abuse-resistant and moisture barrier properties to reduce leak rates. All parenteral films are registered under US FDA DMF #9705 and meet all USP, EP, JP, and YBB regulations.

Primary medical film
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