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Film for Bioprocessing Containers

The NEXCEL® brand BIO1250 bioprocessing film is meticulously engineered to excel in critical bioprocessing applications, offering exceptional performance in cell expansion, storage, sampling, harvesting, and purification.


Designed to meet the exacting demands of biotech companies, suppliers, system integrators, and cell and gene therapy specialists, NEXCEL® brand BIO1250 ensures reliability and integrity throughout any bioprocess workflow.

The film’s extreme inertness ensures nothing interferes with the purity of the cell structure and resulting protein harvest. Maximum control of extractables and leachables enables greater yields of protein during upstream and downstream bioprocessing.  

With a 10-layer architecture, this film also ensures durability and structural integrity to resist stress whitening, scuffs, and scratches that can lead to unnecessary rejection. The BIO1250 is compatible for use with a variety of 2D and 3D bioprocessing containers.

ten-layer film architecture infographic

Features and Benefits

  • Resists stress whitening, scuffs, and scratches to reduce the risk of unnecessary rejection  
  • Features optimal seal strength and a wide sealing window
  • Uses redundant barrier layers that fortify control of oxygen transmission  
  • Is compatible across a wide range of port, tube, and connector configurations 
  • Delivers high performance at temperatures reaching -80°C 

Product Details

  • Volume range from 150 mL to 5,000+ L
  • Clear, coextruded 10-layer polyethylene-based film with EVOH barrier and no animal derived ingredients
  • Designed with raw materials not containing PFAS and Irgafos® 168
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D bag formats 
  • Winding formats:
    • Single wound
    • Double wound or collapsed tubing enables ultra-clean interior film technology    
  • Manufactured in ISO Class 7 cleanroom under ISO 15378


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