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Vacuum Skin Packaging

Enclose your product like a second skin using CRYOVAC® brand vacuum skin packaging.

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01 Overview


Enclose your product like a second skin using CRYOVAC® brand vacuum skin packaging.

CRYOVAC® brand vacuum skin packaging is well suited for high-quality, case-ready products. The "second skin" helps preserve the freshness and extends the shelf life of the product. Materials used to create our vacuum skin packaging have been engineered to seal closely and tightly and remain free of tension, so product presentation remains optimal and holds firmly in place without the need to worry about leaks or purge.

  • Constrains purge and product movement enabling vertical merchandising
  • Highly robust freezer ready package, suitable for retail and e-commerce distribution
  • Minimize spoilage by having a tight vacuum skin film with a high oxygen barrier
  • Efficiently package protein products of assorted sizes, portions and quantities
  • Customize your offerings and choose from various bottom carrier options, such as rigid trays, flexible or semi-rigid bottom webs and more sustainable options like plant-based films or paperboard

  • Effortlessly preserves freshness and extends shelf life of product
  • Used with your choice of bottom carrier including flexible, semi-ridig, preformed trays and cardboard
  • Engineered to hold product firmly in place without leaks or purge
  • Available with barrier or non-barrier properties

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03 Case Study

Chicken wrapped in vacuum skin packaging

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Shenandoah Valley Organic Differentiates With Packaging


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