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Hot Water Shrink Tunnel

The TS200 AutoShrink hot water tunnel provides the final, critical step in achieving a skin-tight, vacuum-sealed bag. This powerful electric shrink tunnel is 20% more energy efficient than legacy steam-powered shrink tunnels, and comes equipped with intelligent automation features and connectivity to enhance performance and enable automatic adjustments that optimize efficiency.

Flueless design eliminates the need for a ventilation system while a steam recovery module reduces room condensation and helps maintain stable temperature. Maintenance is simplified through automatic descaling mode, minimizing labor required to clean the machine and remove mineral deposits.

Features & Benefits
  • Twice as energy efficient than legacy steam-powered shrink tunnels
  • Infrastructure requirements reduced to electricity and water, no need for a steam pipe, flue, or exhaust fan
  • Automatic descaling mode simplifies maintenance
  • Variable operating speed up to 54 FPM
  • Length: 62.99” (1600 mm); Width: 45.28” (1150 mm); Height: 86.8” (2205 mm)
  • Product Dimensions: Up to 22” W (555 mm); Up to 56” L (1422 mm); Up to 9” H (225 mm); Up to 220 lbs W (100 kg)
  • 460 VAC +/- 10%; 3 phase - 60 Hz
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