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Empowering the Food Industry with CRYOVAC® Brand Food Packaging Solutions

For over 75 years, CRYOVAC® has been the global leader in food packaging and automated equipment solutions. Our innovative products have empowered processors, retailers, foodservice operators, and brand owners to drive efficiency and enhance food safety across the supply chain while extending shelf life.

Combining expertise in material science, operational know-how, engineering, and dedicated field support, we forge enduring customer relationships that are unrivaled in the fresh proteins, processed meats, liquids, dairy, and seafood sectors.

The CRYOVAC® brand offers a diverse array of food packaging solutions, from vacuum shrink bags and automated systems tailored for primal cuts to our award-winning sustainable options for retail-ready meats. Our commitment remains unwavering—to bolster the food processing industry's well-being by streamlining operations, enabling workforce efficiencies, reducing process variations, facilitating quick changeovers, and delivering consistent outcomes.


CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray

CRYOVAC® compostable trays are a biodegradable alternative to EPS and APET. Made from cellulose material, this lightweight rigid food tray is designed to run at high speeds on existing overwrap equipment to efficiently package protein products of assorted sizes, portions and quantities.

  • • Certified as home and industrial compostable
  • • Free of PFAS

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*The CRYOVAC® Compostable Tray solution is only available in North America.


Portion Dispensing System

The FlexPrep portion-dispensing system is a ground-breaking solution that uses our flexible rollstock technology with a custom dispensing unit to offer cost-effective portion control and process efficiency.

  • Up to 85% packaging weight reduction
  • Compatible with LDPE/RIC4 recycling streams
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Provides yield rates as high as 98%

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