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SEE Partners with Sparck Technologies to Bring 3D Automated Packaging Solutions to Asia Pacific Markets

September 26, 2023

SEE (NYSE: SEE), formerly Sealed Air, a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions, announced its proposed alliance with Sparck Technologies's, a global provider of 3D automated packaging solutions, where SEE will be the exclusive distributor of Sparck Technologies’s CVP (3D) Automated Packaging Solutions in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. The alliance will give SEE's customers access to industry-leading automated packaging systems and enable them to improve operations and create a safer working environment.



Sparck Technologies's CVP Automated Packaging Solutions are inline auto-packers capable of producing up to 1,100 packages per hour. Designed for multiple and single item orders, the CVP Everest and CVP Impack packaging systems provide automated solutions for e-commerce operations facing challenges such as order volume increases, labor shortages, and sustainability goals. With installations in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, CVP Automated Packaging Solutions streamline the process by creating, filling, folding, and labeling each parcel in one seamless operation, resulting in a 50% reduction in package volume, 30% less corrugated cardboard use, and the elimination of void fill.

Sparck Technologies's three-dimensional (3D) right-sizing automated packaging solutions are designed to be reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use, making them the perfect fit for SEE's customers. With its innovative technology and extensive experience in the packaging industry, Sparck Technologies is a trusted provider of automated packaging solutions that will help SEE's customers optimize their business operations.​

​“SEE looks forward to partnering with Sparck Technologies and is confident the collaboration will revolutionize the way businesses in the Asia Pacific region approach packaging operations,” said Gareth Reynolds, SEE’s Vice President of APAC Digital, Equipment and Automation. “SEE is focused on increasing its equipment offerings to help customers automate packaging processes to improve efficiencies, eliminate waste, and simplify processes.”

“We’re delighted to partner with SEE in bringing our award-winning, right-size packaging technology to the Asia Pacific region,” said Richard Nijboer, Director of Sales & Services at Sparck Technologies. “As is the case worldwide, many e-commerce businesses face escalating challenges when it comes to building capacity within their fulfilment operations. Our automated boxing technology goes a long way to solving those issues and this alliance with SEE will enable us to further support businesses in the Asia Pacific region.”


About SEE

SEE (NYSE: SEE) is in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to make our world better than we find it. Our automated packaging solutions promote a safer, more resilient, and less wasteful global food, fluids and liquids supply chain, enable e-commerce, and protect goods in transit from damage.

The company, under its former trade name, Sealed Air, announced its new SEE corporate brand and logo in May 2023.

Our globally recognized solution brands include CRYOVAC® food packaging, LIQUIBOX® fluids and liquids systems, SEALED AIR® protective packaging, AUTOBAG® automated packaging systems, BUBBLE WRAP® packaging, SEE Automation and prismiq digital packaging and printing.

Our partnership with customers creates value through sustainable, automated, and digital packaging solutions, leveraging our industry-leading expertise in materials, automation systems, engineering and technology. 

Our SEE Net Positive Circular Ecosystem is leading the packaging industry in creating a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. We have pledged to design or advance 100% of our packaging materials to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, with a bolder goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions in our global operations by 2040.

Our Global Impact Report highlights how we are shaping the future of the packaging industry. We are committed to a diverse workforce and a caring, inclusive culture through our 2025 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion pledge

SEE generated $5.6 billion in sales in 2022 and has approximately 17,300 employees (including Liquibox employees) who serve customers in 120 countries/territories. To learn more, visit

About Sparck Technologies

Sparck Technologies is a vibrant tech company with nearly a century of automation experience. We pride ourselves on being driven by human expertise and a relentless pursuit of automation advancements. At Sparck, we specialize in designing, building, and developing right-size automated packaging solutions for businesses challenged by increasing order volumes, labour shortages, and rising shipping costs. By automating the process of manual packing with high-tech machines, our CVP Impack and CVP Everest can reliably produce over 40 million different airtight box sizes for every order. With the ability to tailor-make up to 1,100 packages per hour of single- or multi-item orders, our automated packaging solutions offer high volume throughput combined with unparalleled flexibility that contributes to sustainability initiatives.

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