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food packaged in flexible liquid packaging

Making the Switch From

Rigid to Flexible Liquid Packaging


Do You Still Use Traditional Rigid Packaging for Liquid Food Products?

If you're a food and drinks processor or food service operator, you probably feel pressure to do more with less, cut costs and improve your sustainability footprint. If you still use traditional metal cans, plastic jugs and glass jars to package liquid food or drinks products, you aren't operating as efficiently as you could be. You’ve heard that flexible packaging can be good for business – but is that really true? 

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5 Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Increase your sustainability profile, reduce shipping costs and maximise valuable storage space when you switch from rigid containers to flexible liquid pouch packaging.


Consumes up to 75% less energy
Reduces COemissions by 90%
Weighs up to 90% less
Yields up to 20% more product 
Occupies up to 40% less space

Source: Sealed Air


Our Solutions Stand Apart

Sealed Air has a robust history of working with food service brands and food and drinks processors to seamlessly switch from traditional rigid packaging to our flexible packaging solutions.

Our portfolio of CRYOVAC® brand liquid packaging solutions offers equipment, materials and technical service that can fit any size business. Our flexible packaging solutions help food and beverage processors improve operational efficiency, sustainability impact and enhance customer relationships. 


Sustainable Packaging

Our team of sustainability experts frequently work with customers to develop a sustainability value analysis that uses industry-average data and a representative supply chain to compare the impact associated with different packaging systems. The model includes analysis of packaging materials, manufacturing, transportation, operations and disposal. 

CRYOVAC® brand flexible packaging tells a sustainability story that surpasses comparable alternatives. Our solutions address all major customer sustainability concerns including:

  • Evacuation and yield
  • Food waste
  • Carbon footprint
  • Space savings
  • End-of-life recovery

Learn more about what Sealed Air is doing to make the world better than we found it.

Sauces, Soups and Sides


Packaging Solutions for Liquid Food and Beverage Products

Our flexible liquid packaging materials and automated equipment help food and drinks processors and food service companies:

  • Protect the integrity of the product
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Extend shelf life
  • Reduce waste
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