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Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Films

These films are suitable for a wide variety of form-fill-seal packaging applications.

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01 Overview


Eliminate the need for preservatives and optimise storage space with vertical form-fill-seal films.

CRYOVAC® brand vertical form-fill-seal films are ideal for a variety of applications ranging from soups, sauces, and condiments as well as small, solid foods packed in liquid. Lighter than rigid metal cans or glass jars, they are the right choice for greater efficiencies during distribution, storage, and disposal while minimizing waste with their virtually 100% product yield. 

Our vertical form-fill-seal films address all major sustainability concerns including evacuation, food safety, carbon footprint, space saving, and end-of-life recovery.

  • Ideal for fluid or pumpable foods such as sauces, soups, oils, dressings, toppings, jams, syrups, pickles in brine, cooked meat, condiments
  • Vertical form-fill-seal pack with no head space
  • High abuse resistance and integrity seals designed to survive the demanding rigour of rough handling during distribution
  • Make food services work easier with easy to identify, easy to open, handle, and dispense packaging
  • Excellent barrier protection helps extend shelf life and maintain the quality of chef-standard meals, which simply require reheating and plating
  • Flexible pouches save space to fit over 50% more product on a pallet to save time, costs, and environmental impact

  • Heat-treatable up to 100 C
  • Can be frozen
  • Wide range of pouch sizes available from 200 ml to 10 L
  • Co-extruded multilayer barrier films 

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