Automated Rotating Belt Conveyor - AutoAssist 750

An automatic, 90° rotating belt that positions shrink bags and feeds product onto the turntable for perfect alignment.

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01 Overview


CRYOVAC® brand AutoAssist 750

The CRYOVAC® brand AutoAssist 750 automates product transfer and improves the efficiency of the packaging line via automatic 90° rotating belt that positions shrink bags on either side of the vacuum system sealing bars. The bagged product is fed onto the turntable, which rotates the product and aligns the bag neck to the downstream vacuum system. The fully integrated line automates product transfer, creating a completely touchless automation system for fresh red meat, smoked and processed meat, poultry products and hard/ semi-hard cheese.

  • Increases the overall equipment efficiency with a continuous production flow
  • Automated product transfer between CRYOVAC® brand AutoLoad and AutoVac machines
  • Operational in manual mode or continuous automatic for fully synchronized operation
  • Reduces the labour in the packaging process and optimizes the productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to position the products on the VS machine
  • High level hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective. Machine is fully washdown compatible

    Product footprint:
  • Rotating belt with left and right transfer conveyors: 720 kg
  • Length: 150-750 mm max
  • Height: 30-225 mm max
  • Width: 100-400 mm max
    Compatible with CRYOVAC® brand shrink bags and films
  • Length: 850 mm max
  • Width: 500 mm max
  • Bag neck length: 150 mm min - 300 mm max
  • Working speed up to 22ppm
  • Conveyor speed 24 m/min

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