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What Is Paper Packaging Used For?

Paper is the perfect choice for e-commerce shippers who want to impress their customers with environmentally responsible materials that are easy to recycle. Ideal e-commerce applications for paper packaging include non-fragile items like health and beauty products or sporting goods. Paper is also a great option to protect dirty or heavy products such as automotive and mechanical parts during transit.

sporting good in box with paper
dog food in box with paper void fill

Advantages of Paper Packaging

As more consumers seek ways to become environmentally responsible, paper is an excellent choice for companies that ship goods to boost sustainability practices. Paper packaging has many valuable properties with recyclability topping the list. When used as void fill, paper is a recyclable replacement for foam packing peanuts. When used as a cushioning agent, paper can sometimes provide blocking and bracing protection just as well as other materials that are not recyclable.

How to Add Paper Packaging to Your Operation

Adding paper packaging to your fulfillment operation without careful consideration might cause higher damage rates, higher freight costs, and unexpected equipment downtime. Whether you’re making the switch to paper packaging for the first time, expanding the product SKUs you want to protect with paper, or switching to a new paper application, this guide is your tool to implement paper packaging and avoid those mistakes. If you’re considering paper packaging of any kind, download our guide to learn about the most important things to consider when making the switch.

Trust Sealed Air With Your Paper Needs

When it comes to your fulfillment operation, pick the packaging partner you can rely on to deliver the results you need today and will be there for you when your business changes tomorrow. 

SEALED AIR® brand paper packaging solutions can provide your operation with much-needed speed, endurance, and confidence to get the job done. This newfound freedom allows you to spend more time on the things that matter most, like the health and safety of your workforce, on-time delivery for your customers, and the profitability of your business. Sealed Air is the industry leader that can evaluate the best options for your business. We stand apart from the competition with: 

  • Durable paper systems optimized for maximum uptime
  • Continuity of supply for paper equipment and packaging materials
  • First-rate technical support and service who understand that every second counts
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