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Solving Complex Fulfillment Challenges



We Make Complex Fulfillment Less Complicated

Our research shows freight service, labor per pack, and damage account for 85% of the total cost of fulfillment. If you're focused on lowering material costs alone, you could be overlooking potential hidden costs. We know how to find and target those costs.

Whether you're moving to e-commerce for the first time, packing new product SKUs, or adapting your fulfillment process to meet new consumer demands, we can help you do it all. We are powered by end-to-end packaging solutions for inline automation and pack stations, optimized by fulfillment design services and technical support to lower the cost to deliver your products.


Our Complete Approach

We pair industry-leading packaging solutions with capabilities to solve complex fulfillment scenarios. As your trusted partner, it’s our job to use our deep history and expertise in fulfillment design to simplify your operation with a range of packaging solutions that meet you where you are today and build your capacity for growth tomorrow. 

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Improve sustainability

reduce material costs and minimize waste

Reduce material costs and minimize waste

decrease pack times

Decrease pack times and increase throughput

andticipate and reduce freight cost

Anticipate and reduce freight costs

optimize labor and maximize capacity

Optimize labor and maximize capacity

meet seasonal peak demaands

Meet seasonal and peak demands

Sealed Air Does It All

We’re your comprehensive fulfillment solutions provider 
who meets your operation’s packaging needs at any stage.
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Pack Station Solutions

Our pack station solutions easily integrate into your existing fulfillment environment to optimize labor resources and improve packaging efficiency. 


Inline Automated Solutions

Our automated packaging solutions can flex and grow with your business to increase order throughput, decrease shipping costs, and reduce waste. 

inline automated solutions
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Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services

Our team of fulfillment experts leverage real-time technology, predictive analytics, and on-the-ground fulfillment experience to maximize efficiency and lower the total cost to deliver your products. 

Our Work Has Produced

inscreae in fulfillment productivity


increase in fulfillment productivity at a sportswear brand

number of tv's packed per hour


the number of TVs packed per hour

increased in production for a luxury retailer


increase in production for a luxury retailer

reduction in labor for an apparel retailer


reduction in labor for an apparel retailer

Helping Pharmapacks Grow Into a Major E-Commerce Operation

“This new design has given us the capacity to grow, take on more business, expand into different territories, give a better customer service — and that’s all from the automation.”

— Andrew Vagenas, CEO of Pharmapacks

As its packaging solution provider, Sealed Air helped Pharmapacks add, customize and adapt packaging processes and automated systems to unlock labor efficiency, reduce costs and make the most of every square foot of an overwhelmed warehouse. Learn how Sealed Air has been critical to Pharmapacks’ growth.

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