CRYOVAC brand DM100 and Darfresh on Tray

Case Ready Equipment Solutions

Optimize Materials & Equipment

Optimize Materials & Equipment

Managing inventory, labor and customer expectations can be made easier by employing case-ready meat packaging. Our material and machine compatibility creates a finished pack that extends shelf life and protects valuable protein products across the supply chain.


single format for omnichannel

extends shelf life

leakproof seals, freezer-ready

right-sized, lightweight

recycled and plant-based content options

CRYOVAC® vacuum skin packaging is well suited for high-quality, case-ready products. The "second skin" helps preserve freshness and extend shelf life, while sealing tightly and free of tension. Product presentation remains optimal and holds firmly in place without the need to worry about leaks or purge. Ideal for fresh meats, poultry, seafood, and cheese for retail, e-commerce, or meal kits.

New for Processors in Asia and Europe

CRYOVAC® brand DM100 Darfresh Machine

Introducing the CRYOVAC® DM100 for creating tray / skin packaging for high-quality, case-ready products. Offered as an affordable, entry level tabletop system, the plug-and-play DM100 makes it easy for processors looking to enter the case ready market or respond quickly to changing customer demands. Ideal for fresh meats, poultry, seafood, and cheese for retail, e-commerce, or meal kits.


convenience and prepared foods

microwavable, vacuum skin package

even heating with steam-assist

seals securely to bowls, plates, or trays

secure product position without distoration


premium appearance

minimized footprint


vegan and flexitarian friendly

recycled and plant-based content options

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