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Compostable Overwrap Tray


Sustainable by Design,
Seamless in Action 




Introducing the first market-ready compostable tray designed to run on existing overwrap equipment.

Meet Our NEW
Compostable Tray

image of white compostable tray with dirt and compost
CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray being placed into a kitchen refrigerator

A Shift In Meat Packaging Norms

As food packaging standards evolve, meat processors and retailers are seeking alternatives to expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging for fresh poultry and red meat. Given limited biodegradability and recyclability of traditional tray formats, the industry is now favoring more environmentally conscious options.

CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray being placed into a kitchen compost bin

Sustainability that Returns to the Earth

Setting a new sustainability standard, our tray excels not only in its later stages but right from the beginning. Crafted from USDA certified biobased product sourced from renewable cellulose, it composts  alongside food waste, leaving no trace of microplastics behind.

CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray with poultry going through overwrap machine

Compostable Without Compromise

Rigorously tested, finely tuned, and specifically designed for traditional overwrap machines, our tray mirrors EPS foam performance, ensuring stability and durability throughout processors' packaging systems, preventing rework, leakage, and waste.

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