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Manufacturing Solutions

Packaging Equipment, Materials, and Services for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need to balance performance, sustainability, and customer experience with every pack they ship. To do that, you need a packaging solutions partner that understands your business and the challenges you face every day.

SEE has decades of experience designing and implementing packaging solutions for manufacturers. We look across your business to determine the right mix of equipment, materials, and services that deliver value for your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.

Packaging Equipment That Improves Efficiency and Throughput

Packaging automation and equipment solutions from SEE help you enhance operational efficiency where you need it most. Our wide range of packaging machines and systems are designed to optimize labor and throughput.

  • speedypacker

    SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® foam systems

    Our on-demand foam systems deliver cost-effective, superior product protection. There is a solution for any operation, from low- and high-volume systems to custom molding.

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  • ps 125 beauty

    AUTOBAG® brand PS 125 tabletop bagging machine

    The PS 125 helps accelerate hand load packaging applications, like kitting components. Job storage and recall boosts efficiency with the touch of a button.

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  • shanklin f7ac side sealer

    SEALED AIR® brand Shanklin® shrink wrap equipment

    For bundling products, our Shanklin® shrink wrap equipment offers peak performance, durability, and versatility with fully automated, semi-automated, and multi-packing models.

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  • ProPad

    SEALED AIR® brand ProPad and ProPad Coiler

    The ProPad paper cushioning system creates curbside-recyclable paper cushions to boost sustainability. Add the ProPad Coiler for hands-free, on-demand coiled paper pads.

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SEE has more than 60 years of experience helping manufacturing companies solve their packaging challenges. Contact us today to talk with our team.

High-Performance Packaging Materials That Deliver Value

Materials play an important part in packaging performance. If there’s too much, you’re not receiving value—too little, and parts can be damaged during transit. Our engineers have put material choice and packaging performance at the center of our solutions for more than 60 years. We put this knowledge to work for you when it comes to choosing the best material for your business needs.

  • korrvu packaging

    SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging

    Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging is designed to protect products from shock and vibration. Plus, it’s curbside recyclable.

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  • shrink liquid containment

    CRYOVAC® brand shrink films

    CRYOVAC® brand shrink films protect products, and they deliver better performance than thicker competitive materials so you can reduce material use.

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  • printer foam

    SEALED AIR® brand fabricated polyethylene foams

    For durable, advanced product protection, our Ethafoam and Stratocell foams deliver high-performance cushioning that helps reduce material used per pack.

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  • package of foam

    SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® foams

    Our wide range of foam formulations are engineered to optimize cushioning and deliver cost-effective packs. Low density, high density, quick-set, and more options are available.

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Packaging Services That Solve Complex Problems

Some packaging problems need custom solutions. When that’s the case, our experts are ready. From custom designs to on-site support, SEE’s teams of engineers and service specialists will work with you to pinpoint the problem and the path to fix it.

  • man cutting foam

    Custom Fabricated Foam Design & Production

    For specialized product protection and cushioning, custom fabricated foam guards against damage while minimizing materials. SEE can help identify your packaging needs throughout the shipping cycle. 

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  • Engineered Solutions

    We take a five-step approach to design custom-engineered solutions. Learn how we find ways to improve performance while reducing material waste to support sustainability goals. 

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  • warehouse worker using equipment

    Technical Packaging Support

    Our technical team supports your business with unmatched packaging experience and knowledge. Our support and service experts install and train teams on products, and if there’s an issue, typically arrive on-site in 24-48 hours. 

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Additional Manufacturing Resources

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    Solutions to Packaging Challenges

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    How to Recycle Our Products

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