High-Speed Paper Bagging and Printing System

The AUTOBAG® brand 850S paper bagging system is a sustainable solution for mail order fulfillment and e-commerce applications.

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01 Overview


This high-speed paper bagging and printing system runs all-paper bags that are 100% curbside recyclable. 

The AUTOBAG® brand 850S paper mail order fulfillment system* is a sustainable solution for mail order fulfillment and e-commerce paper applications. It automates the packing process and improves productivity with bag-opening technology that allows for easy loading of orders and enables inline printing of shipping label information. Its ergonomic design is ideal for operators and the small footprint saves valuable warehouse space.

*Available in late 2022.

  • Sustainable bagging system runs curbside-recyclable paper bags
  • High-quality seals and optional resealable capabilities for returns ​
  • Capable of running bags up to 14 in wide
  • Two-color printing available for branding opportunities
  • Enables inline printing of shipping label information
  • Integration to WMS system ​
  • Optional easy-open bag feature makes opening the package easier for consumers
  • Ideal for single-order shipments; reduces shipping costs compared to corrugated boxes

  • Bag sizes 10 in to 14 in wide, 14 in to 19 in long
  • Open, label, and seal 7 to 10 bags per minute

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