Protein Automation System

The AutoLoad R2 is a high-speed robotic bag loader designed to enhance labor efficiency.

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01 Overview


This robotic bag loader is designed to eliminate repetitive and labor-intensive processes.

The CRYOVAC® brand AutoLoad R2 is a high-speed robotic bag loader designed to eliminate the repetitive and labor-intensive process of manually loading product into bags. When paired with the CRYOVAC® brand AutoID — a product ID vision system designed to identify and sort products based on dimensions and packaging requirements — the AutoLoad R2 enables automatic bagging, resulting in labor savings and efficiency. Equipped with two bag presenters, this robotic bag loader enables accurate bag selection by transferring product into one of two bag options allowing for optimal package selection.

  • Designed for touchless automation and seamless integration into the packaging process
  • Improves operator health and safety with an efficient and safe product bagging robot
  • High resolution and intuitive operator touch screen provides real-time performance information and enables full-line integration
  • Integrates easily with other touchless auxiliary equipment

  • Speed: Variable up to 23 packages per minute depending upon product type and size
  • Bag Details: Widths between 9 in – 17.7 in; Lengths up to 33.5 in
  • Product Weight: Up to 40 lbs

fresh red meat


smoked meat






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