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CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray

CRYOVAC® compostable trays are a biodegradable alternative to EPS and APET.


Made from cellulose material, this lightweight rigid food tray is designed to run at high speeds on existing overwrap equipment to efficiently package protein products of assorted sizes, portions and quantities. Compatible with commonly used overwrap films, our EPS-free format delivers proven tray integrity and shelf-life extension for your valuable protein products. When paired with our printable CRYOVAC® Side-end-seal films made with 30% recycled content, you can confidently deliver a sustainable case-ready packaging solution that meets consumer demands without compromising speed or efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Certified as home and industrial compostable and free of PFAS
  • Finished package is leak-resistant and maintains product integrity
  • Approximately 50% lighter than PET trays
  • Engineered for high speeds, including denesting, machine handling and boxing operations
  • Lower GHG emissions vs. conventional rigid technologies​*
  • Compatible with CRYOVAC® brand SES and BDF overwrap films, as well as commonly available PVC
  • Runs on existing overwrap equipment, requiring no additional capital costs

*Based on internal data comparison to 30g mono PET or PET/PE

Sustainable Case-Ready Packaging


We're committed to Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in every step of our sustainable case-ready packaging - from design to delivery. Our recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable material choices reduce waste and amplify the positive impact on the environment.


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Wide range of sizes and tray configurations

8.56 X 6.50 inches

Draw Depth:

1.27 inches

Tray Weight:

15 - 17 grams




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