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Preformed Trays

Pair our preformed trays with CRYOVAC® brand films to create case-ready packaging solutions.

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01 Overview


Create case-ready solutions with preformed trays that offer optimal efficiency and on-shelf display.

With our CRYOVAC® brand preformed food packaging trays, you can create all types of case-ready packaging for overwrap, MAP, and vacuum skin applications. These trays are optimized for use with CRYOVAC® brand lid films, overwrap films, and vacuum skin packaging films.


  • One packaging line can run different tray shapes and sizes with minimal changes required
  • Offers better merchandising on shelves and in cases with optimal display
  • Available in a variety of colors, depths, and perimeters
  • Proprietary sealant and easy-open features are available
  • Ideal for case-ready applications including fresh poultry, beef, lamb, veal, seafood, alternative proteins, and smoked and processed meats 
  • Final packaged product remains clear under refridgeration when paired with CRYOVAC® brand anti-fog lidstock
  • Curbside-recyclable* MAP and VSP tray configurations available (can carry the How2Recycle logo)
  • PET trays are designed for recycling**
  • Some trays available with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content

*Check locally
**Degree of recyclability will vary depending on scope and availability of collection and recycling programs

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Explore the new CRYOVAC® Compostable Overwrap Tray!

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