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Our Culture, Our Business, Our People

Inspiration is important. Whether you are painting a mural, crafting a new recipe, or thinking of the next big innovation in packaging solutions,  inventive sparks are essential to creation. We hope you chose SEE because something about our business, our culture, and our people inspired you and made you excited to be a part of what we do every day.

During your first 90 days, you will be immersed in information about these three-key connections to learn about what makes SEE a great place to work. We hope your first 90 days not only inspires you but surprises you. You may find that SEE products and services have been all around you.

Contact your Manager or local HR representative with any questions. 



Learn and immerse into SEE's culture (activities)



Understand the company, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it (videos)



Meet, build, and develop a strong, meaningful network (meetings 1:1)

Speaking of culture, you may have heard SEE has a global flexible way of working. What is that?

Our progressive Flexible Way of Work supports our pursuit of a One SEE High Performance Culture. Flexible Way of Work allows many of our employees to work from anywhere. SEE’s employees may fall into one of three categories: location-dependent, flexible, or remote*. 

While we believe many roles can be performed successfully from anywhere, we also know there are strong cultural needs where in person interaction is invaluable – your manager will provide details on what dates / times we would need you on site. In addition to the flexibility this affords our employees, it also drives our sustainability efforts by decreasing employee commute time, reducing our office footprint, and lowering carbon emissions. 

Connect with your manager or local HR representative to better understand the classification of your role.

*This benefit does not apply in some countries. Please check with your local HR contact.​

Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviors

As you begin your SEE career, it is important to be mindful of the expectations we have for our employees and that starts with how we act. The SEE Code of Conduct is a foundational part of our One SEE high-performance culture, where acting with integrity is a priority. Here are five things to know about the SEE Code of Conduct:

  • The Code reflects our purpose, our values, and what matters to us as an organization and is in effect all the time, everywhere.
  • The Code is a valuable resource and includes real examples of issues you may encounter as well as policy links which can be used in your every-day decision-making.
  • As our CEO Ted Doheny reminds us, the Code “is not a manual to be filed away.”
  • The Code promotes an inclusive environment where all employees should feel as though they have been treated (and are treating others) with the highest levels of professionalism and dignity.
  • Employees are trained regularly on the different principles included in our Code and are asked to pledge (at least bi-annually) that they will follow our Code.

Shortly following your start date, depending on your role within the company, you will receive additional communications about important topics related to our Code of Conduct and Ethics Program, including:

  • Enrollment notifications for your required new hire ethics education courses
  • Additional resources for the SEE Ethics and Integrity Program

  1. Prepare for Success: Preparation is key. For site-based and flexible workers, consider what you will need to bring with you when you are on site. For remote workers, set up your workstation in a quiet and comfortable place.
  2. Getting Started With Technology: Ensure you have received your equipment from IT. If you have been told it will be sent to you, confirm that includes your work computer, wireless mouse, and Global User ID (GID) with password. If you have been instructed to pick up your equipment, please coordinate with your local HR representative.
  3. Become Acquainted: Become acquainted and familiar with the information provided to you, both on this page and by your local supervisor or HR representative.
  4. Connect With Your Manager: Contact your manager prior to your first day if you have not received information about expectations and next steps. As always, feel free to contact your local HR representative.
  5. Learn More: At SEE, we are proud of our accomplishments. Take time to review the vast amount of information available on our website. Also, feel free to check out our SEE Youtube channel for additional video content.
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