Emile Chammas


Emile Chammas is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE). Emile is responsible for driving performance across all areas of our business and is an integral part in driving forward a fully digitally powered business. To advance this aim, he is transforming every plant, office, and facility to drive the SEE Operating Engine and accelerate growth.

Emile joined SEE in 2010 as Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer. In 2019, the CEO of SEE also named him Chief Transformation Officer and he was asked to lead the company's Reinvent SEE business transformation by building a culture of continuous improvement and tackling the changing needs of the marketplace.

Emile has proven experience leading operations and managing the complex SEE supply chain and IT organization across the globe. Prior to joining SEE, Emile held executive leadership positions at Wrigley and Procter & Gamble, leading teams throughout Europe, North America and the globe. He is known for intersecting his deep industry knowledge with building dynamic talent within companies. Emile excels at developing solutions for even the toughest challenges within all areas of our business.

Emile has a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Emile is originally from Lebanon and speaks Dutch, English, French, Lebanese and is currently learning Italian.