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Meet: Sofia Calderon, Applications Engineer

At Sealed Air, celebrating our people and their accomplishments is a core part of our culture. In our “Meet: Our People” series, you’ll hear directly from our people across the globe on what it’s like working at SEE, and a little bit about them outside of work.

Where I’m located: Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A. 

Length of time with SEE: 2.5 years. 

My workday consists of: A mix of running various tests in the lab, connecting with customers to solve issues, grabbing lunch with a co-worker, analyzing data, planning, testing, or writing a report, and collaborating with engineers and subject matter experts (and probably getting too much coffee). 

What I enjoy most about working at SEE is: Working with so many people that each have a unique story, all coming together around discovery and innovation. I love that my day-to-day is never the same and that my work is rewarding and interesting to me, from the tiny findings in a delaminated structure, to the holistic solutions we provide our customers. 

I feel passionate about the culture at SEE because: The majority of our waking hours are spent at work with co-workers, so I believe it's important to have a safe environment with people that care for and challenge each other. I disagree with the idea that being real with people is "not professional." I hope to contribute to fostering a cheerful yet hardworking culture where people are seen and known.  

The core value that inspires me the most is Collaborative because: I have a very people-driven personality, so I love getting to work with others and serve our customers within and outside SEE with a job well done. I appreciate each person's creativity and what they can bring to the table, particularly during brainstorming sessions for new solutions, or when problem solving a current issue. 

Someone who was an important influence on my career was my dad because: He came to the U.S. with $200 and could not speak English. He had already studied Computer Science in Mexico but had to restart his undergraduate studies at 26 years old in the U.S. To get by, he cut grass and delivered pizzas, among the many creative things he did to get through school. Throughout the years, he has always been one to reinvent himself and adapt to whatever came his way, not letting himself get bogged down by the troubles of this world. I've seen him succeed as a software developer, property manager, owner of an orange grove, landlord, and property/auto flipper to name a few.  He inspired me to work heartily in all I do, wherever I land, and live life to the fullest. His coming to the U.S. and labors here have given me the opportunity for a good education and ultimately to be working at SEE. 

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