Paulina Michalska, Manufacturing Assistant
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Meet: Paulina Michalska, Manufacturing Assistant

At Sealed Air, celebrating our people and their accomplishments is a core part of our culture. In our “Meet: Our People” series, you’ll hear directly from our people across the globe on what it’s like working at SEE, and a little bit about them outside of work.  

Where I’m located: Łódź, Poland. 

Length of time with SEE: 3 years. 

At SEE, I am passionate about: Dealing with matters related to our people. My responsibilities include job interviews and team building, training and helping maintain employees' wellbeing at work, and most importantly, working to keep them safe.  

The advice I would give to new employees is: A production plant is like a clock, and each employee is a gear necessary for its operation, no matter what position he or she is working on. With cooperation and responsibility, we will achieve common goals. 

I helped our SEE Operating Engine by: Recruiting the Integrated Fabrication Solutions (IFS) team from the opening of the Łódź plant - in collaboration with my manager Sebastian Kołodziejczak - from machine operators and warehouse operators to administrative employees. 

The core value that inspires me the most is Determined because: With persistence, you can achieve your goals.     

My favorite hobby is: Beekeeping. 

Interested in joining us? Check out our careers page for open roles.  

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