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Meet: Kevin Hook – Executive Director, Digital Development

At Sealed Air, celebrating our people and their accomplishments is a core part of our culture. In our “Meet: Our People” series, you’ll hear directly from our people across the globe on what it’s like working at SEE, and a little bit about them outside of work.


Where are you located? - Our facility is located on Grand Island in Western New York, a large island in the Niagara River that is near Niagara Falls (about five miles upstream). We can see the Falls’ mist on a clear day from the facility.   

What’s it like living there?  - We get a lot of press about the snow in the winter, it is a beautiful location if you like the outdoors and outdoor activities like skiing, boating, hiking, and fishing. My wife and I are sailors; we ski and snowboard and have been working on building a small greenhouse and raised-bed garden. We obviously enjoy being outside in nature! 

How long have you been at SEE? - The team in Grand Island, and myself, have been with SEE for almost four years. We were acquired by the company because of the interest in the digital print systems that we develop and design. 

My workday consists of:   All our work for prismiq™ Digital Packaging Services is project based, so a large part of my day is coordinating activities on those projects. The development work involves designing, building, testing, and then understanding the areas of your design that need to be changed and improved.  

Some of that work is taking place in the Grand Island location, but we also have a lot of involvement with SEE operating facilities and partner companies. I have been traveling quite a bit to work at those locations which gives me an opportunity to meet other SEE colleagues. We also deal with partner companies, so there is a lot of interaction to specify and coordinate the work that they are doing for SEE.  

What I enjoy most about working at SEE is:  The people in the company! I work with a great team of individuals that have backgrounds in engineering (electrical, mechanical, software, and chemistry) and different business disciplines. I am grateful to be able to do this personal profile, but it is only possible because of the team I am a part of in SEE.  

Also, I have had the opportunity to travel to various SEE locations and I am impressed by the diversity of the individuals in the company. It is the people who design the products that our company manufactures and delivers to customers that I most enjoy. 

 I feel passionate about Culture at SEE because:  I think the graphic images that represent our culture and values are excellent. Those images capture the attitudes and characteristics that differentiate a company and make it unique. The Core Values are what I see in the Grand Island team members and in colleagues I have met within SEE. It takes effort and focus and intent to build those characteristics, but they are a force-multiplier when added to the talents and skills that people have in SEE. 

The core value that inspires me the most is Collaborative because:  All the core values are vital, but if I had to choose one, it would be Collaborative. It is amazing to see people working together to accomplish something they could not do on their own. I have had the blessing of working in an environment where that happens in the projects we undertake. Innovation, Integrity, and Determination are all extremely important, but Collaboration inspires me the most. 

Someone who was an important influence on my career was: My family. I grew up in a working-class family and my parents sacrificed so that my siblings (a sister and two brothers) could succeed. I saw that in my grandfather as well, who emigrated to the U.S.A. before bringing the rest of the family to settle. They placed a high emphasis on education but also gave us an appreciation for the importance of family and supporting and caring for one another. What I have been able to do in my career began with the values they instilled in us. 


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Amanda Murvin

Amanda Murvin is an Internal Communications Manager at Sealed Air. She writes stories about employees, the employee experience, company culture, and is responsible for employee communications and strategy.

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Amanda Murvin
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Internal Communications Manager

Amanda Murvin is an Internal Communications Manager at Sealed Air. She writes stories about employees, the employee experience, company culture, and is responsible for employee communications and strategy.