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Meet: Ariel Volpedo, Director, Sales Argentina and Uruguay Food

At Sealed Air, celebrating our people and their accomplishments is a core part of our culture. In our “Meet: Our People” series, you’ll hear directly from our people across the globe on what it’s like working at SEE, and a little bit about them outside of work.

Where I'm located: Quilmes, Argentina.

Length of time with SEE: 21 years.

What I find interesting about my job is: Non-routine,
constant interpersonal interaction and teamwork. Fortunately, I have a great manager,
who gives good feedback, and I work with a very committed and experienced team
that is always open to meet and find solutions together.

My workday consists of: Working along with my team
and all functions to deliver the highest value, in order to be seen as a
strategic partner, and get the results that make us confirm that we are making
the world better than we find it.

I feel passionate about Learning & Development at
Sealed Air, because:
I believe that it is key to challenge oneself, seeking
to satisfy intrinsic motivations and pursue excellence, and to achieve that,
you need the will to want to improve every day. SEE offers an excellent tool,
My Learning, where you can find all kinds of courses, which you can choose and
complete at your own pace. This tool has been very valuable for me to achieve
significant improvements in productivity and quality of my work.

To support the growth and development of our employees, SEE
offers 24/7 access to digital learning content in multiple languages on various
topics, including diversity, equity & inclusion, leadership development,
personal development, and more.

The core value that inspires me the most is Integrity because: Everything comes from it. It's about doing the right thing, no matter the circumstances, to be honest and reliable.

My favorite books are: "Ni comachean Ethics" by Aristotle, "Letters to Lucilius" by Seneca, or "The Petit Prince" by Saint Exupery.

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